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The Sargent Center has two static High Ropes Courses.  These courses are a combination of both vertical challenges and horizontal challenges, constructed from wood, cable and ropes installed an average height of 25 feet above the ground and strung between trees and wooden poles.These static belay or "maze" courses allowing for the whole group to all experience the ropes course together. All elements are linked together and participants have options at each transition point to choose their own path through the course.  The ropes course requires the use of harnesses and helmets.


Participants will receive instructions and have the opportunity to practice using the safety systems before going up onto the course. Participants should expect a 3 to 4 hour commitment if they choose to do the ropes course. Most of this time will be dedicated to instruction, practice, and supporting others through the course, while about 30-45 min will be spent actually on the course by each individual.  When groups or individuals go up on the ropes course there is a great opportunity for them to learn about risk taking, their own perceived limits, how they perform under pressure, how they give and receive support from other people, and how working with others collaboratively can help an individual achieve more than they thought they could accomplish.



What is a High Ropes Course?

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