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What are Extended Outings? 

Extended Adventure Outings are typically custom built trips.  These trips are usually 3-6 days in length.  These trips split the participants into group sizes of about 10.  These trips can be designed to provide a "Wilderness Orientation" program for your college or school group.  Extended Adventure Outings usually spend at least two days at the Sargent Center prior to their trip.  This time is spent reviving the route, packing food and equipment, practicing technical skills and working on group dynamics using our low ropes course.  Groups then usually spend another day or two back at the Sagent Center packing in equipment, participating in the High Ropes Course and having a celebration dinner.  

What equipment does the Sargent Center provide?

We have you covered!  Sargent Center will provide: 

  • Tents

  • Backpacks 

  • Boats (Canoes, Sea Kayaks, White Water Kayaks)

  • Cooking Stoves

  • Food

  • Water bottles

  • Water Filters 

  • Smore's ! 




What equipment do the participants need to bring?

Participants need to bring appropriate outdoor clothing including rain gear and appropriate footwear.  We will provide you with a customized packing list to fit your needs.  We want these programs to be accessable to your participants so purchasing a lot of high end equipment is not neccesary! 



Extended Adventure Outing Offerings



Rock Climbing

Sea Kayaking



White Water Kayking 


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