What are Overnight Outings? 

Overnight Adventure Outings usually take place on the weekend.  These can be one or two night trips which allow your group to use Sargent Center as a jumping off point for a great wilderness adventure!  Lead by our certified staff your group will have the opportunity to learn new skills and have a great teambuilding experience! 



What equipment does the Sargent Center provide?

We have you covered!  Sargent Center will provide: 

  • Tents

  • Backpacks 

  • Boats (Canoes, Sea Kayaks, White Water Kayaks)

  • Cooking Stoves

  • Food

  • Water bottles

  • Water Filters 

  • Smore's ! 




What equipment do the participants need to bring?

Participants just need to bring appropriate outdoor clothing including rain gear and appropriate footwear.  We will provide you with a customized packing list to fit your needs.  We want these programs to be accessible to your participants so purchasing a lot of high end equipment is not necessary! 



Overnight Adventure Outing Offerings


Rock Climbing

Sea Kayaking



White Water Kayking